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Falling for the Doc

Allison White liked the small town of Sage Flats, Wyoming. Surrounded by mountains and red buttes and sage brush, she felt safe. But she might not be.

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There's a Circus in the Sky

The sky is and everchanging scene filled with people, animals, and objects, sailing across a blue canvas. A Short verse tells you who is sailing by now on each page. Want to see the lady eating cotton candy? Or perhaps the hare goes scurrying by!
Sometimes bunnies need a new family. And Bitzy is adopted by something he's never seen before!
Enjoy. Order from this website or Amazon, or see me at a book signing! Ebook available Amazon

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Bitzy Bunny Gets a New Mama
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Bitzy Bunny's mama left to find herself some breakfast. But as the day lengthens, she hasn't come back and Bitzy is hungry. Bitzy leaves his warm nest to go look for his mama. Life has new adventures and changes for Bitzy!
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Devotions From the Goat Pen

Each devotion springboards off the picture of a goat or goats being goats!! Kids being kids! Goats being human! Thirty devotions that bring up stories illustrating what faith can do, what real faith looks like, (not always what we think), and hopefully help us know when we need to turn to God. Walk the journey with me and my friends, whose stories you will learn. 

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Montana Free
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Morgan has run away from her adoptive parents and decided to change her name while hiding in the mountains. Growing up in an orphanage has taught her not to trust and to keep emotions to a minimum. Guy thought he had life all figured out when he became a circuit-riding preacher. And then he was accused of murder and decided to run. Sometimes the people God puts in our path seem to be the ones we want least of all. And sometimes, they are the ones we learn from the most
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