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Devotions from the Goat Pen

Devotions From the Goat Pen

Devotions From the Goat Pen
Originally published as The Gift of a Goat
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Her name was Frost, and she was grandma to triplet kids with black heads like their father. Their mother, Frost's daughter had a brown head. They were Boer goats. Frost let her grandkids play on her back, eat in her trough, spend time with her, and bend her patience. Other scenes in the goat pen led me to thoughts of God and how patient He must be with us, how sometimes we fight, butt heads with others, or play with others. I saw insecurities, pride, and jealousy played out by these loveable creatures--a goatherd. And I decided they were the inspiration for a devotional. The stories are true, and the questions shared about faith are genuine. 

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