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The Gift of a Goat

Devotions from The Goat Pen Formerly The Gift of a Goat

Published by Neva Bodin
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What prayer should I say when someone calls me the objectionable (to me)"Honey" or "Dear,"? What prayer comes to mind when I listen to the young girl who is "fed up to here" with abuse? What got a mother through walking over a thousand miles with four children during the war? Thirty stories and thirty prayers to bring you closer to our Savior await you. And each story and devotion comes to mind when I look at the antics of those precious and creative animals that God created called goats! A picture of goats being well, goats helps set the stage for each devotion!

Soft cover | 31 pages | $19.00 USD | 8.5 X 8.5 | March 9, 2022