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By Neva Bodin


Hokahey was something the legendary Sioux warrior Crazy Horse reportedly shouted while going to war. "Hokahey" is sometimes interpreted as "It is a good time to die!" or "This is a good day to die." Other sources say it means, “Let’s do it.”


He sat

And waited


His back was stiff, his gaze was straight.


The years

Were etched

Upon his face,

The pride still shone, belied his fate.


It was

The time

Of waning moon,

The headdress tired, the moccasins worn.


The dream

Though swift,

Had clarity,

The spirit’s flight, foretold, forewarned.


He waited.


The moon,

The sun,

Now gone,

The silence, neither owl nor lark.


The eyes,

The spark,

Now dim,

A puff of wind moved in the dark.


A soul

That made

A warrior proud

Had found its way to greater light.


The sun,

An eagle,

Looking down,

A shell remained, a spirit’s flight.

© Neva Bodin